The Intimate Lingo

Different types of bikini wax and shapes.

Stop right there. Before you get confused and bogged down by the number of different descriptions for intimate hair removal, just know that your therapist is a professional. If you describe what it is you want we will be able to do it for you and most likely tell you what box it falls into. So don't fret. However, for those curious cats amongst you, read below for all the different descriptions in the world of intimate hair removal.

Basic Bikini

Perfect for first timers and those wanting a quick tidy up. 1 - 2 fingers width of hair is removed from outside of the underwear line.

Extended Bikini

Great for those that need a little bit extra taken off. 3 fingers width of hair is taken off, removing hair from the outside and just on the inside of the underwear line.


For anyone that wears really high underwear or swimwear. Hair is removed from the inner thigh area and bum area.


Those that love to leave a little extra i.e the landing strip. Hair remains on the (labia) lips but all hair is removed from the bum area.

Extended Brazilian

This is for those that love the landing trip or triangle of a Brazilian but don't want the hair on the lips and bum area.


All hair is removed from the bum, labia. Zilch is remaining.



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