The First Bikini Wax - What you need to know.

You may have heard about it or seen it in an episode of Sex and the City. You have gone through multiple shaving sticks, applied the strong smelling hair removal cream and broken your new epilator. Now it is that long awaited girls trip and you have decided it's time to get sugared or waxed.

Intimate area sugaring/waxing is the most frequently booked treatment but still many women come to their appointment having not prepared beforehand or not knowing what to expect.

So if you are completely new to intimate hair removal or just need a refresher keep reading to find out just how you can prepare yourself and skin for your treatment.

1. The Lingo

Bikini wax, Brazilian wax, Hollywood wax the list goes on. But the question is what does it all mean? If you want to see the full description of each treatment click here for our previous blog on the intimate wax lingo. If you are not sure what treatment you should be choosing not to worry. That is why your therapist or local salon are specialists. They will be able to help you choose the right treatment based on your requirements. How much can you afford and how much hair do you want to remove?

2. Misconceptions - Sugaring isn't for the intimate area

Whoever said sugaring is not for the intimate area is wrong. A common question I am asked is can sugaring be used on the intimate area. The answer is yes of course and it has great benefits for this sensitive part of the body.

3. Nerves and Embarrassment

It's perfectly normal to feel a little nervous when having your first ever intimate treatment. So many things may run through your head but that is where a good therapist comes in. It is important you feel relaxed during your treatment and it is up to your therapist to ease any concerns you may have about the process. Regardless of the amount of body hair you may or may not have, your therapist will have seen it all.

5. Pain

Now this isn't an easy topic to address. Pain is subjective, some have a low pain threshold while others have a very high pain threshold. To say a treatment is pain free would be misleading as you will feel a level of discomfort but to what degree differs from person to person. We always recommend taking some sort of pain relief an hour before your treatment if it is your first time. i.e paracetamol or Ibuprofen

6. Clothing

To decrease the likelihood of ingrown hairs after your treatment it is always recommended you bring a clean pair of underwear and wear loose fitting clothing on the day of your appointment. A Skirt, dress or non fitted trousers.

7. Pre Treatment Skincare

It is always a good idea to exfoliate regularly before your treatment with the exception of the day before or day of your treatment. This rids the area of dead or dry skin which when present, can increase the chances of developing ingrown hair after your treatment.

8. Aftercare

Immediately after your treatment you will notice a bit of redness. Don't panic this is normal and will go down after a few hours. Just as with pre treatment skincare it is really important to include exfoliation as part of your daily routine. If you have an exfoliating mitten make sure you wash it often as this is a breeding ground for bacteria and as a result infected ingrown hairs. After you have done that make sure your moisturising twice a day. Keeping those pesky ingrown at bay.



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