What is Sugaring?

Before the hair removal creams , strip wax and laser hair removal. What were people using?

Well I have an answer for you. Sugaring! 

Water + Lemon + Sugar  and of course the right quantities creates the amazing sugar paste for  the ancient hair removal paste

Sugaring is one of the oldest forms of hair removal and is said to have originated from Ancient Egyptian times.  It is  an old technique set to take over the waxing industry and for those with sensitive skin the paste is so natural you could even eat it. If you want to that is. 

The traditional form of sugaring uses a cold sugar ball applied directly to the body. The hair is then locked in the paste as it wraps itself round the hair follicles. With one quick flick of the wrist the hair is removed in the direction of growth creating a more comfortable experience compared to alternative  hair removal techniques.

The natural components of the paste keeps the skin smooth as a baby's bottom, by not sticking to the live skin cells on your body it prevents irritation and itchiness typically experienced with waxing. 

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