Shower gel. Face wash. Facial Cream. Makeup.


I could go on but we would be here forever. In our daily routine, we come into contact with so many different ingredients some of which I have no idea how to pronounce. This year I have discovered a great degree about alternative products I can include in my daily hygiene routine. I am not here to tell you to immediately discard every product you currently use but to question what it is you are putting on to your skin, especially if you get an ugly reaction. I came across sugaring, in my hunt for alternatives to traditional waxing which resulted in horrible experiences and beastly ingrowns. Of course, I always enjoyed a good hot wax but I really had little idea about what was being applied to my skin and therefore how it reacted.


It does not get any better than this. Lemon, Water, and Sugar. A simple paste which is used to remove hair from anywhere on your body. That really is it. I want to challenge you to try an alternative. Whether that is sugaring or a new deodorant.


So why not start today with hair removal? Come in for a natural hair removal treatment demo. I promise you, you will not regret it.





P.s Get ready for your friends to describe your legs as silk. Pure silk! Haha I love it.





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